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Courtney Marama. Marama Jewellery Studio

One of the best parts about handcrafted jewellery, like all of Marama Jewellery, is that I specialise in custom made to order pieces. Weather it is for an engagement, wedding or any other special reason you want a piece of New Zealand jewellery, hand crafted in top quality materials for you or a loved one. Each and every single piece of jewellery is hand crafted in my Cambridge studio including the precious stones. I am able to create unique shapes in the precious stones such as Pounamu and fit them perfectly into a piece of jewellery.   Here at Marama Jewellery I pride myself on New Zealand made jewellery and New Zealand sourced materials which means all of the stones used are 100% New Zealand stones. It also means that all of the solid gold used is New Zealand Gold too, which makes your commissioned, handcrafted piece of Marama Jewellery truly a piece of New Zealand

Pounamu Facets. Marama Jewellery


When it comes to designing your bespoke commission the more you can share with me the better. Take a look through my website/instagram/facebook to get some inspiration. Any piece can be customised to suit you or you can have something completely new designed for you.


I like to meet with you in person but if you aren’t able to visit my studio that is not a problem as I work with many clients over the internet, nationally and internationally. I love spending some time getting to know you and to gather a better understanding of what you are looking for in your precious design. This way you can view designs, look at stones and have a more intimate understanding of the creation process.

Courtney Marama. Marama Jewellery


You have the option to choose a pre cut stone I have ready and waiting to be made into a jewel or you can have one custom cut to your specifications. I only cut/use New Zealand gemstones so this restricts you to mainly Pounamu, Obsidian and Agates.

Q U O T E S , M E T A L + D E T A I L S

Once we have a design and have confirmed the ring sizing we can work together to choose a precious metal that works with your budget. I will give you quotes for the different karats of metal for you to choose which bests suits you. A 30% deposit it required to begin and the crafting process starts after that. It takes around 4 weeks to hand craft (if you need something quicker we can work within that) and once complete I will be in contact to finalise the jewel and final payment. Your precious piece is then all yours to pick up or have shipped to you.

Too easy!

B Y A P P O I N T M E N T : Please feel free to contact Courtney at maramajewellery.cj@gmail.com to chat about your dream piece, I would love to hear from you to schedule a meeting in my studio in Cambridge, New Zealand so you can see where the magic takes place.  I work with many international clients so distance is not an issue either when it comes to finding or designing your perfect piece.  

Below is a small selection of custom made ceremonial rings I have hand crafted recently.

Marama Jewellery by Courtney Marama. Pounamu jewellery
Fancy Cut Pounamu by Courtney Marama
Pounamu Wedding Ring Set by Courtney Marama
Emerald Cut Pounamu by Courtney Marama
Pounamu Flush Wedder Ring Set.jpg
Pounamu Wedding Ring by Marama Jewellery
Pounamu Wedding Ring by Marama Jewellery NZ
pounamu wedding and engagement ring. greenstone. by marama jewellery. new zealand
Pounamu, Greenstone wedding ring by Marama Jewellery
Gold  + Pounamu Wedding Ring
Fancy Cut Pounamu + Faceted by Courtney Marama.jpg
Marama Jewellery
Pounamu Wedding Set by Courtney Marama
Pounamu Wedding Ring Set BY marama Jewellery
Pounamu rings by Marama Jewellery NEW ZEALAND
Pounamu Wedding ring by Marama Jewellery New Zealand
pounamu wedding and engagement ring. greenstone. by marama jewellery. new zealand
Pounamu, greenstone, kauri wood, whale bone wedding rings by Marama Jewellery
Pounamu Wedding Rings